Frequently Asked Questions


What is an exercise physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is an Allied Health Professional who specialises in the design, delivery and evaluation of safe and effective exercise and physical activity interventions for people with medical conditions, injuries and disability. These interventions include health and physical activity education, advice and support, and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change.


I want to know more about Active Ability's services.

Active Ability is a mobile exercise physiology service based in Sydney. We provide physical activity/exercise interventions for our clients based on the goals that they have for their physical health.

The process of our intervention is as follows:
- initial consultation, generally an hour duration, in which we gather the relevant health and lifestyle information necessary for us to provide safe and effective recommendations.
- continuing exercise sessions based on the recommendations made from the initial consultation.

Total number and regularity of recommended exercise sessions is determined on a case by case basis and is typically dependent on funding, independence and required support. Our primary aim is to provide education and training so that you can complete the sessions independently and would normally be taught to a support person/team if the client is unable to carry out independently.


Where are your exercise physiologists located?

We have exercise physiologists located all throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area; just get in contact with us to find out if we are close by -


What experience have you had working with people with disabilities?

Active Ability specialises in working with people with disabilities. Since starting Active Ability we have worked with a variety of Government and Non-Government organisations, assisting with the needs of their residents and clients. Active Ability has been providing the sole exercise physiology care to ADHC Metro Residences since 2013 and have an ongoing relationship with various NGO Support Coordinators and Managers.

With our extensive experience in the disability sector, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to identify the variability that exists between all our clients, and how this impacts their goals, communication, lifestyle, interests and support needs, recognising this allows us to create highly individualised and effective care plans for each client.

Please visit our 'stories' page here to read more about some of our clients.


How can I include exercise physiology as part of my ndis plan?

It is important to establish a link or connection between the need for Exercise Physiology services and your plan's goals. If you can show that you require the services of an Exercise Physiologist in order to reach your goals you are more likely to successfully have it included. If you would like some assistance to make this link please get in contact with us.


What can i do if i expected funding under my ndis plan for exercise physiology but did not receive it?

If you have now received and started your NDIS plan but did not get exercise physiology included as part of that plan please get in contact with us - - we can have a chat regarding how you may like to proceed.


what is a chronic disease management care plan (also known as an epc) and what is the process of organising one through my gp?

A Chronic Disease Management Care Plan, also known to some as an 'EPC', is a plan provided annually by Medicare to a person with a long-term condition that requires an allied health professional to assist with its management. Active Ability will assist you in managing your chronic condition through the right type of physical activity for you.

In order to access the Chronic Disease Management Plan funding, you will need to request a management plan from your GP for up to 5 visits (per calendar year) with Active Ability. If you have already used these sessions with another allied health provider, you will not be able to access this until the new calendar year. Our details for the management plan (to be given to your GP) are:

Business Name: Active Ability

Address: 7 Kinglake Street, Kellyville, 2155

Exercise Physiologist: dependent on your location, please leave blank

Once you have arranged your plan with your GP, please contact us to arrange your initial consultation (1st appointment). You will need to bring your management plan, provided by your GP, along to the consultation. Active Ability will provide your GP with a care plan report following your first and last appointments. The initial report will outline the expected goals and plan for your sessions, the final report will outline what has been achieved during those sessions as well as future recommendations.