Exercise Physiology

What is an Exercise Physiologist?



An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional that uses exercise to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. Our exercise physiologists will complete an assessment and provide physical activity recommendations based on your goals, medical history and current level of function or fitness. We will then help to implement our exercise recommendations by providing an exercise program and teaching you or your supports to be effective and safe when completing it. 

Here at Active Ability, we are passionate about improving the health, wellbeing and activities of daily living for our clientele. Our mission is to serve the disability community so that people are supported and empowered to achieve the independence, function and quality of life they are striving for. Our staff specialise in working with people who have an intellectual disability, mental illness, and neurological conditions. Active Ability is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and registered with all private health insurers that recognise our services. 

We provide exercise physiology in and around Sydney, including, but not limited to, Penrith, Blacktown, Castle Hill, Hornsby, Inner West, Parramatta, and Wollongong areas. Give us a call or check out our client stories here to see if we can help you!