Regular exercise is important for everyone, but it’s easier for some people than others. For people with disabilities or long-term chronic health issues—including diabetes, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, or mental illness—establishing an exercise routine can be a challenge. Which exercises are safe, given the person and their condition? What physical fitness habits can have the most benefit? What is the person’s comfort level? These questions are all things that need to be addressed before a person with a disability or a chronic health problem can safely and smartly exercise.


At Active Ability, we practice as exercise physiologists in Parramatta. The role of an exercise physiologist is to prescribe exercise and physical activity interventions for people with a disability or long-term health conditions. We provide this type of care through education and a deep understanding and sensitivity to the concerns at play. We understand that what works for one patient doesn’t always work for the next—even if their conditions seem the same on paper. Because of these complexities, we work diligently to understand the pathology of the disability or health problem at hand. That way, we can create targeted physical activity programs that make sense for our patients and are carefully calibrated to help them stay healthy.

If you are looking for an exercise physiologist in Parramatta—either for yourself or a loved one—look no further than Active Ability. We have eight years of experience working with disability and other chronic health conditions and provide a mobile service covering the entire Sydney area. We also offer multiple services under the same umbrella—including exercise physiology, dietetics, and physiotherapy—so that we can serve you and your family more effectively and comprehensively. Contact us today to learn more.