Often, a clinic or hospital environment will offer exercise physiology. At Active Ability, we believe it is far more beneficial for our patients if we can offer our services in your local area whether that be in your home, workplace or local park . The reasoning behind this belief is simple. Good habits—including exercise and physical activity—start in a person’s local environment.. For this reason, our exercise physiologists in Hornsby come to you instead of vice versa.

When it comes to learning new things—especially related to new exercise—it is always best to practice in the same place where you intend on continuing those new habits. Establishing habits for exercise and physical activity in and around the home ties those new habits to that environment. As a result, when you go to exercise in the future, it’s easier to remember what you learned, recall why you learned it, and to achieve your goals.


When you choose Active Ability as your exercise physiologist in Hornsby, you can trust that we are in it to help you succeed. We believe that your best chances for success will come if we introduce you to new habits for physical activity in your home environment, where you spend every day. As such, we are happy to offer a mobile service.

To learn more about our exercise physiology philosophy and why we think it works, please contact us directly.