Exercise is important for everyone, no matter who you are or where you might live. Hitting the gym to lift weights or run for hours on a treadmill is not an option for everyone, though — but that does not mean the world of exercise is closed off to you. For individuals living with a disability or a chronic condition that makes a typical approach to exercise more challenging, consulting with an exercise physiologist in Blacktown can open doors to rewarding physical activities that bring with them a host of benefits. From improving one's confidence to boosting endurance and exploring pain management strategies, Active Ability is here to provide you with access to professionals willing to travel to your doorstep.


Active Ability employs university-educated and accredited staff as part of a fully mobile service. We travel to you, so you can relax and remain comfortable while discussing physical activity with your exercise physiologist in Blacktown. We work closely with our clients to assess your individual needs and formulate a series of goals that we can work together to achieve. By laying out the types of exercises that have the most potential to benefit you in your daily life, we can create a roadmap toward your healthier lifestyle.

Read up on some of our funding options for our clients; we're registered with the NDIS and always happy to work as your NDIS-approved provider. For answers to the most common questions we receive, visit our FAQ page. Ready to connect with an exercise physiologist in Blacktown now? Use our contact form to submit an enquiry today.