Meet Suzie - one of our newest clients!

My name is Suzie and I am 51 years old.


I have mild intellectual disability, hypertension and need to lose some weight.

Recently I have moved to a new home and neighbourhood. At my old home I knew how to get to places really well and was very familiar with how to stay safe in my surroundings (e.g. crossing the road).

Because most of my physical activity was incidental, i.e. walking from place to place, when I got to my new home I stopped being active because I wasn’t confident that I would know my way around.

My goal was to start a walking program in my new neighbourhood so that I can be more physically active and independent in doing so. My walking program needed to allow me to walk daily to collect groceries from the local shops because walking for a purpose is the best kind!

That’s where my Exercise Physiologist, Izzy, came in!

I love spending time walking with Izzy, we chat, laugh and have fun whenever we are together.  I always get really excited when walking past my sister’s house and also my niece’s school.

Although it hasn’t been too long, I am now able to walk for 60 minutes without a rest and I have nearly finished memorizing the route from my home to the shops and back again. I am still working on getting some of my road skills right but am excited to keep going.

Izzy says that I am absolutely lovely to work with and that she has seen great improvements with my walking. She really feels that my walking program has helped me feel closer to my new community.

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Izzy & Suzie

Kara Staines