Exercise is Medicine for any Condition, and Kay is living proof of this!


We asked Kay a few questions about her health and where she is at now. Read below for more insight into how Active Ability and Exercise Physiology has helped Kay.

How I found Active Ability:
I found Active Ability via the NDIS Service Provider listings. They provide exercise services at my home.

Background of my conditions:
I have complex co-morbidities - hypopituitarism, severe osteo-arthritis and severe hearing loss. The biggest issues for me are a lack of sustainable stamina and variable energy (from hypopituitarism) and joint pain issues/ lack of mobility (from arthritis).

How exercise has exercise helped me?
It was a struggle in the beginning (June 2017). I found it so hard to even complete the exercises both during the session with my EP and at other times. The exercises Emma provided me with were highly tailored specifically for my health issues. 

I had a real setback in September 2017 when I found out that I had severe arthritis in my right hip. I was using a walking stick for a while. But the hip pain made me more determined to improve my exercise practice. A cortisone injection and acupuncture really reduced the hip pain and this helped me to focus on exercising.

I started gradually improving the frequency of my exercises. It slowly became easier to complete a full set of exercises.

Now in 2018 I do my exercises most days (all at home in my bedroom) - 15 minutes of interval cycling, circuit and other exercises. This takes approximately 40-45 minutes. The best thing about doing the exercises is that I feel so much better afterwards. Even when I felt really tired, doing the exercises improves how I felt. My joints are more mobile and I have more energy overall.  My hip pain is only occasional and not severe.

I really notice if I miss  a day or two. It’s  harder when I re-start! But overall I am much healthier. I weigh nearly 10kg less than I was in June 2017 and feel much improved. Hypnotherapy also helped me with weight loss. 

Thank you heaps to Active Ability! 

For the first time in 18 months I’m planning a few short breaks away to holiday, so looking forward to that a lot.

Kara Staines